only drawing tool is the polygon please reinstall line tool



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    Sher Kirk

    Hi Julie,

    I understand that the tool can be frustrating for those unfamiliar with it, and there will no doubt be some education and training required. I'll be working on a step-by-step "How to draw with a Polygon Tool" tutorial as soon as I can find time.
    That said, it would be impossible to re-instate the line tool at this time, as, without a buffer, it represents a potential risk to safety - where we can't compromise. We are still searching for a tool set that allows us to set separate buffers on different tools, and if we can find one that can be implemented, the line tool will return at that time.

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  • Patterson, Julie

    I do not disagree that if the line is not buffered would pose a significant safety issue but I am not understanding why they are struggling with getting the tool to do so. Joe Digger is not going to be a fan of sitting thru multiple video tutorials just to place a ticket- there will be a point where they will throw up their hands and dig without the information . there is so many good things coming out of this change over that it is disappointing that these small but critical items are downgraded to a 'training opp'

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  • Sher Kirk

    The problem is not that the line cannot be buffered. The issue is that the tool set that is currently used by Pelican has to apply the same buffer to all available tools, so we can't set a 30 meter buffer on the line tool without also adding it to the polygon tool, and the BRAG was clear that they did not want a buffer on user-drawn polygons. Hence, our search for a tool set that allows us to set a unique buffer per tool.

    As for Joe Digger - our hope is that they will reach out via chat rather than throw up their hands if they don't want to watch the video. :)

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  • Louie, Herman

    Sure OneCall could send City of Burnaby a GML Line and we would buffered 10m on each side, the difficulty is determining the correct buffer distance for each application.

    ie. draw a single down a standard road, standard road from property line to property line is 20m

    ie. draw a single line on Trans Canada Highway, the buffer distance of 20m is not sufficient to cover the highway and right of way

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