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    Patterson, Julie

    Correction: correct title is "Promote'

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    Sher Kirk (Edited )

    Hi Julie,

    We had a good discussion around how the Promote function will work today. Waiting for confirmation from the Dev team tonight, but it looks like it will function something like this:

    Ready to Dig? Promote a Planning and Design Ticket to a Locate Request.


    Enter the Planning and Design ticket number:


    The system will then validate that the ticket is a P&D ticket, and that the Work to Begin date on the original ticket has passed. (i.e. - Members have had a chance to respond to it).

    If the validation checks pass, the user then will have an open ticket (a copy of the info in the P&D ticket) to edit, under their own log in ID and contact information, but that is tied to the P&D ticket number in the "Previous Ticket" field.
    They will be able to edit certain fields (e.g. Depth, Type of Work, Ticket Type), but the location and map will be locked in. 
    When they SEND the ticket, it will re-validate the members affected by the dig area (in case any new members have come online, etc), then will process through like a regular ticket.

    No E.T.A yet on when that will be active for you, but we'll have it ready to go for cutover, or we'll process them internally like we do now until it is ready.


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