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  • Sher Kirk

    Let me try these one at a time. :)

    1. Based on the ticket types document from the AOC project website, are all minimum days’ notice periods enforced in the new AOC system?  i.e. Regular tickets require a minimum 3 full business days’ notice therefore the work to begin date cannot be within those 3 full business days.
      That is correct. The first date the user will be able to choose will reflect the first day AFTER the minimum notice has passed. See image for routine ticket placed before 5pm on November 13. Notice days are 13,14 and 15. First available WTB is Nov 16.

    2. Is the definition of “full business days’ notice” take into consideration tickets received before noon and after noon?  i.e. if received before noon 3 days include current day and if after noon 3 days starts current day plus one day.  Note: I believe the change from 2 days’ notice to 3 days’ notice is coming in the new locate agreements, so the noon date accommodation needs to be considered until then.
      AFTER cutover, any ticket created prior to 5 pm will have the day the request is placed as the first day of notice. Until cutover, tickets placed will continue to use a 12pm cutoff in Alberta.

    3. Will the AOC system be able to consider holidays to ensure minimum days’ notice meets the minimum days’ notice requirements?
      Yes, holidays are not counted as a notice day. "Holidays" in the system will be as follows:

    4. Will the AOC system take into consideration changes to service level agreements between all members if the members decide to alter the minimum days’ notice requirement?  Or will that be up to each member to accommodate?
      If the provincial Member Resource Committee makes a recommendation for a change to minimum notice, it would be submitted to the Business Rules Alignment Group for consideration. All parties in BRAG must unanimously agree to any change to a business rule affecting One-Calls in Western Canada.

    5. Will the AOC system allow tickets to have a request date in the past?  Or will it always be current day or a date in the future?
      Current or future date only

    6. Will the AOC system ensure that if the request date is in the future the minimum days’ notice will be applied to the work to begin date?

    7. Are we to assume that the locate end date must be one day before the work to begin date that is specified in the ticket?
      Individual members must respond prior to the Work to Begin date, as it will reflect at least the minimum notice. If your organization chooses a response date one day prior to the WTB, then yes, you would be meeting the expectation of One-Call Users. Where a user has given more than 30 days' notice, the expectation is that the members will respond no farther in advance than the validation period of locates. (Example, if Member A enforces a 14 day expiry date on their locates/clearances, then the locate or clearance must not be supplied to the excavator more than 14 days before the WTB)

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  • Regan Brown

    Sher, if a Regular ticket requires a minimum of 3 full business days, how can a locate request placed at 4:40pm on Nov. 13 have its first Work to Begin date as Nov. 16? 

    The request day of Nov. 13 is not a "full business day" ... there's 20 minutes left in the day, if one considers that a business day ends at 5pm.  The above case is essentially giving the member 2 full business days to respond.

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  • Kevin Grice

    Sher, Follow-up to question 3.  3a. Weekends are considered the same as holidays?  In your example, if the user places the ticket on November 14th (before or after noon), the first available WTB is November 19th, correct?

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