lot lines in Map view?



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    Sher Kirk

    On the matter of Lot Lines on the map:

    We recognize the value of lot lines and have been investigating the ability to add them to the display map. Our concerns at the moment are as follows:

    Lot lines are not available everywhere and do not come from a single mapping source available via Web Services.
    The source maps for lot lines are not always updated regularly
    Maintaining a lot line database can incur large costs.
    Displaying additional map layers can have an adverse effect on the processing speed and quality of user-experience
    In some areas, lot lines would not display correctly aligned to the street data currently supplied by Here Maps (or Google Maps) due to variances in projection values.

    We are working on these problems in order to find the best mix of performance and quality. We hope to have a solution that allows us to display lot lines (where they are available to us) prior to the start of the busy 2019 season (Spring 2019).

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  • Natasha Hunter

    For the cut over we would not be loading parcel data for various reasons however, we will still have access to the information so if we find that it's causing issues we will readdress. We are looking at other mapping options as well to get a more precise map for users

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  • Civilconst

     Here is an example of how I've come to use lot lines for my locates.

    We are doing a directional drill for a new power service, and not impacting anything but public property.

    Without lot lines, how am I suppose to indicate were a locate begins and ends on public property, rather than have a locator assume I'm working on a private lot as well?


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  • Civilconst


    Here is a screen capture of the new map in the new program, with the same address as above.

    How can I get the same results as above, with out proper lot lines and distinctions to describe my dig area?

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