Transmit date/time from call center



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    Sher Kirk

    The Request Date Time reflects the time the ticket is released from the system. As the web-based software does not require us to use a communication server, this is the effective transmit time from the system.

    XML field reference:


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  • Patterson, Julie

    BC Hydro 2nds this. our software auto sorts by transmit date/time to ensure that no one is jumping the queue. Another question around this is there going to be any lag between a ticket number assignment and release to the members? if no, then sort by ticket number will be reasonable for functional/processing  reasons, but the date/time stamp in the software is a useful tool when it comes to collecting damage to plant (have had 'dig ups' where they call after the fact and that date/time stamp from software easily resolves the discussion)


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  • Kurtis Poettcker

    Is there something wrong with the time offset? I placed a ticket (20184200064) at 8:28am this morning. The timestamp on the email said 2018-10-18T09:28:34.6624200-06:00. Shouldn't it have said 2018-10-18T08:28:34.6624200-06:00 as I'm in Red Deer where we are currently at -6:00 UTC.

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