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  • Kevin Grice

    Previous email exchange regarding this issue:

    From Me: 

    I think there will still be an issue with your new naming convention.  Our middleware picks up a batch files from your servers every 10 seconds and there is no way to determine the order that the files were put on your server with this naming convention.  Instead of the files being overwritten, the cancel, update, or correction file could still be processed before the original files.  If this happens the cancel, update, or correction fails but the original file will be created afterwards and the ticket will not reflect any cancel, update, or correction information.


    Using a date time stamp in the filename avoids this possibility.


    From Tasha:

    Hi Kevin, we’re running into some questions with this. If the file names are different (i.e 20193300006 Original Regular FTAA1C01) and a cancellation comes through that says (20193300006 Cancel Emergency FTAA1C01) your system can possibly over write that as per below? Can you explain how your system determines how the original would get overwritten if the file name is different?


    My reply is to note the statement in bold above (not being overwritten).  The files will automatically be in order for processing with a date time stamp.  We have no way of knowing which files should be processed first with your naming convention as even sorting by filename will not work.

    I have always said: "Timing is everything" - They're going to put it on my tombstone!


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